• A Look Beyond the Scales


    Everyone has different training goals. Some people want a 6 pack; some want to feel better when they look in the mirror; others aren’t that bothered how they look and just want to be active and healthy.When you decide to embark on your fat-loss journey, consider what you are willing to do and what will […]

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  • “If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority”


    Think about this statement for a minute. If you are always trying to do a number of things at once, usually you end up getting nowhere, doing a little of this & that and not really getting much done.People often take this approach with their training. They find themselves caught up with the latest training […]

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  • What’s Your Why?


    Changing your body shape is hard. Whether putting on muscle or losing body fat, both can be extremely challenging. If it were easy we’d all look exactly how we wanted to look, year round, beach ready at the drop of a hat. But the reality is, we’re not.Life just has a habit of getting in […]

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  • Are you ready to change?


    A lot of the time people come to the W10 with similar goals.  The vast majority of our members want to change their body composition, whether it be to lose fat or add some muscle mass. And they often want results, quickly. But the truth is that sustainable results are not easily achieved. For the […]

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  • Lauren’s 12-week Elite Programme Blog


    One of our clients is keeping a blog for her 12-week Elite Performance Programme (EPP) Lauren has decided that  2011 is the year that she’s going to make some lasting changes to her body, and she’s brought us along for the ride! Check out Lauren’s Blog to see what the first day panned out like. […]

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  • Client case study – Tammy Large


    “I signed up with W10 performance for the 12 week programme hoping for a bikini body I would be proud of. The journey a have taken has not only achieved that but has turned my dietary and sporting beliefs on their head. At the end of the twelve weeks I have lost 6.5% body fat, […]

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Set up in 2009 by founder Jean-Claude Vacassin (a regular health and fitness contributor to the Daily Telegraph) the W10 Performance gym is located in West London at 202-208 Kensal Road, London W10 5BN. W10’s Gym memberships offer personal training, nutrition advice, yoga, boxing, HITT and other functional fitness classes. They also have physio and sports massage practitioners onsite. They are proud to offer a high level of fitness to residents and local workers in Kensal Rise, Kensal Green, Queens Park, Willesden, Kilburn, Harlesden, Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, Kensington and Westbourne Park areas.


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