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Be Resolute

Jan 14, 2016   The W10 Team


Do you believe in New Years resolutions?

Lots of people do.

The problem is that the January blues kick and the novelty wears off.

And too many are forgotten by the time February comes around.

If January 1st was a time for you to sit down and make a list of things you would like to achieve over the year, then great (me too).

Having meaningful goals will help keep you motivated in your training.

Train for an objective and a purpose.

There is some value in everything you do.

And the more you invest into yourself and your goals, the more likely you are to stay the course.

The more you put in, the more you will get out.

But you can’t cheat the process.

When it comes to setting your goals for the year, both in and out of the gym, don’t just settle for arbitrary things with little meaning.

Take the time to sit down and really think about what you want to achieve, and why it is important to you.

How will you feel when you achieve that goal?

How will you feel if you don’t?

Don’t just sit there and say something like – “I wan’t to lose weight”

Why do you want to lose weight?

How much do you want to lose?

By when?

What is it about your current weight that you aren’t happy about?

What is the vision you think you see in the mirror now?

What is the vision you have in the mirror of the end goal?

How much are you willing to commit to achieving that end vision?

You don’t need a New Year to make goals, but the important part is if you do make them, work well hard to achieve them.

Don’t be that person that makes a New Years resolution and forgets about it by February.

List your goals.

Put them somewhere visible.

Make them known.

It is harder to forget about your objectives if you have some external accountability.

Write your plan of attack.

Know what you need to do to reach your end destination.


Nothing will work without and honest commitment to the process.

Work hard.

Nothing worth having comes easy, and without some good old fashioned hard work and grit.

Don’t be afraid to seek help.

Surround yourself with good people that can spur you along.

Never lose sight of where you want to get to, and enjoy the ride.

You will see a great big black board in both City Road and Kensal Road gyms this New Year.

Think of this as an accountability board.

This is a space for you all to list a few things you would like to achieve for the year.

You won’t be able to worm out of it!

It will be there, staring you in the face and keeping you honest every time you come into the gym.

Lets get these boards filled up with some good honest objectives, and all us get them ticked off by the end of the year.

Whatever your goals may be, here’s to a strong 2016.